If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It!

If You Can Dream It, You Can Achieve It!

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Spring is such a beautiful time of year and probably most people’s favorite season. It is a time of renewal and growth and when a lot of changes are happening, not only in the environment, but in people’s lives as well. There is nothing more beautiful, in my opinion, than a wedding in the springtime. A beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony with beautiful bouquets of flowers wafting their beautiful aroma through the air is just something I cannot fully put into words. Spring time, for me, is not just a season, but a feeling that it brings. However, for me, spring is particularly special for another reason. My husband and I fell in-love and later were married in the spring almost one year ago. 

Prior to Jake and I marrying, we had talked about our hopes and dreams such as most couples do when they are getting know one another. One of the common aspirations he and I both shared, was the desire to own our own home that we designed ourselves. We didn’t want a manufactured house design of some cookie cutter home to be slapped together and thrown in the middle of a cul de sac with seemingly identical houses within one bland sub-division. We wanted a home that spoke to who we are as individuals and something that we could not only live in, but actually make a part of us and our family. 

After purchasing an amazing piece of property at a Tax Sale shortly after our wedding, we began to search for home design ideas online. And although our property was in the countryside, and we both love country living, we also love modern design and wanted a dwelling that represented both. We researched architects and met with a number of builders, but no one could seem to get our vision just right. And then, by chance, we stumbled upon a website that allows you to customize your home plans. They have pre-drawn plans that you can tweak to your liking. 

My husband and I then began to make a list of all the design features we must have and which ones were flexible. From there, we settled on a plan that actually ended up being cheaper than what one of the architects we had met with previously had quoted us. From there, we tweaked a few design elements here and there and what could not be changed in the plans, we decided we could live with. 

All in all, it’s like my grandmother always said, “Where there is a will, there is a way!” our dream home will be completed sometime early fall or mid-summer. However, it will be done just in time to welcome our new edition to our family! Our family has been truly blessed and we cannot wait to turn our house into a home as we start our family. It just goes to show that you never know what you can do until you try. Good luck!

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