Good Things Come To Those Who Wait On God!

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait On God!

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Buying our first home was one of the most exciting yet nerve racking experiences of my life! I didn’t realize just how much went into buying a home until I was faced with the opportunity to do so. However, the experience has been an awesome one and we can’t wait to make lots of memories in our new home! 

My husband and I have both lived in Eugene, Oregon for our entire lives. We both even went to the University of Oregon which is where we met and soon after began dating. Throughout our college life, we were inseparable and eventually, not long after graduation, my husband asked me to be his wife. At the behest of both of our parents, we had what some would consider to be a pretty long engagement. George needed time to get settled in his career as an architect while I too was getting used to the idea of being a teacher at the very same elementary school I attended as a youth. 

After three and a half years of running the rat race and becoming full-fledged adults, George and finally took the plunge and became husband and wife. And suddenly, as soon as the fairy tale had begun, the magic rug had been pulled from underneath us just that fast. Shortly after we were married, the architecture firm that George was working at, suddenly was going bankrupt which meant my husband was out of a job. We were now down to just one income, mines, which was a meager teachers salary and had to scale down drastically. They say that when it rains, it pours. Two weeks later, we found out that I was six weeks pregnant. What should have been the happiest time in our lives, ended up being the scariest! 

With few options left, we moved out of our apartment and into my parent’s basement and I picked up some overtime working the after-school program while George took up some freelance work. Well, they say, “If you want to make God laugh, make plan.” Our initial plan was to stay with my folks until we saved up the down payment for a house when we looked into buying homes eugene or.

We’ll, while talking with one of the teachers who also worked the after-school program, I found out that her husband owned a contracting firm and had just lost his architect. She said she didn’t know what they were going to do since her husband had these government contracts and was short an architect. I silently gleamed inside and then told her about my husband’s work. 

Months after this conversation, not only was my husband working with a reputable contracting firm, but he also did the design for our first home which was built by the very company he worked for. Now, instead of having a 30-year mortgage and living in a starter home, we have been blessed to live in our dream home that is 100% paid for!

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