A Look at The Real Estate Market in Texas

A Look at The Real Estate Market in Texas

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Are you thinking of generating passive income streams? If yes, real estate is a great place to start. Most of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs reached the billionaire or millionaire status thanks to the investments they made in real estate. Texas offers a lucrative real estate market for both beginners in the market and real estate investors seeking to diversify their portfolio. The presence of numerous investment worthy commercial and residential properties makes Texas a mouthwatering real estate market that can’t be ignored. While 2018 was a particularly great year for real estate investors in Texas, expert analysis indicates that 2019 will be more promising. 

Before investing in real estate, one thing that comes to every investor’s mind is the question of market sustainability. According to Forbes, most of Texas’ metro areas are the top markets that investors are eyeing. With market sustainability guaranteed thanks to the influx of individual’s seeking career opportunities, cities like Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston will be experiencing a boom in the residential real estate sector. 

According to experts, Texas offers a lucrative property market since both residential and commercial properties are not overpriced. With the potential of growth guaranteed since most of these cities will be the next top destinations for both businesses and career seeking individuals, this is the right time to acquire your stake in Texas’ real estate pie. Currently, the average price of a home in Texas is $177,000. With the expected influx of people seeking career opportunities, there will be a significant increase in the value of residential and commercial properties over the next twelve months. With population growth assured, investing in the city’s real estate market promises significant returns. Currently there are residential property for sale abilene tx that have the potential of making great returns for investors. 

2018 ended in a high for the property market in Texas, while it is logical to speculate whether the trajectory of the property market in 2019, you might find yourself losing out since many investors are eying this market. Prospective homeowners and entrepreneurs entering the Texas property market seeking to buy both residential and commercial property in the first quarter of 2019 will make the real estate market increase in value. 

A recent survey of the property market indicated that the average home prices would increase by 3%. While you might be wary of these estimates, it is worth noting that historically, the predictions of Texas’ real estate market have always been based on the performance of the market in the previous year. An interesting thing to note about the property market in Texas is a low supply of residential developments as considered to other states. For investors looking to develop new residential units, this is good news as the returns on investment in this market will be rewarding. As home markets are expected to increase significantly over the next decade, investment in property development in Texas will be significant both in the long-term and short-term. When eyeing property development, investors should consider the metro areas as most of the property in these regions are currently undervalued.


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