Why You Should Choose Asphalt Paving Over Concrete

Why You Should Choose Asphalt Paving Over Concrete

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Your driveway is a bigger part of your home and property that you may not have even considered. 2 of the most popular options when it comes to driveway are asphalt and concrete. Both of them cost about the same but asphalt has many benefits that need to be considered when you are making your choice between the 2. Even if you already have a concrete driveway, you can still choose to switch to asphalt paving Redfield SD when it’s time to redo it. Here are just some the benefits that asphalt has to offer over its main competition, concrete. 

Asphalt Is Durable 

Installing a driveway can be inconvenient as tends to be messy and limits access to your home during the process. Nobody enjoys having to tear up their yard or parking on the street. Concrete can flake if it’s not properly installed, exposed to salt to melt ice, and using the wrong mixture in the concrete itself. This is usually a big problem if the driveway was installed too quickly. Asphalt is much more flexible than concrete and less prone to cracking. 

It’s Faster To Install 

Installing a driveway is just inconvenient and you want the process over with fast. While you want to make sure your driveway is installed correctly, if you’re wanting the job to be done faster you should choose to install asphalt instead of concrete. Laying the concrete usually takes twice as long as asphalt and it takes much longer to set as well. This means more time that you are not able to use your driveway. It takes about a week for concrete to cure enough to use while asphalt can be driven on after only about 2 days. 

Maintenance Is Less Expensive 

When comparing overall maintenance costs of the 2 types of driveways, asphalt is usually much cheaper. Issues like line cracks are able to be repaired at a relatively low cost. Some repairs can also easily be done just using things that are available at local home improvement stores. When you maintain your asphalt driveway properly, you can potentially add years onto its life. In some cases, your driveway may even last you 2 decades and sometimes even more. Concrete is much more difficult to repair because it requires a precise process of heating and mixing to make sure that it is done correctly. 

Melts Ice And Snow Quicker 

If you’re worried about snow and ice on your driveway in the winter months, asphalt could be the option you want. Because of its black color, it absorbs more heat from the sun which allows the ice and snow to melt from the surface faster than it does with concrete. Also, as long as the driveway is periodically resealed, it becomes difficult for water to get under the surface and cause cracks after it refreezes. If it does happen, it can usually be repaired rather quickly and easily as long as the damage is not allowed to get extensive.

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