When To Get Your Driveway Resurfaced

When To Get Your Driveway Resurfaced

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After you have owned your home for a number of years, you may find that little by little things begin to wear out and need replacement. The outside of your home is something you probably don’t think of often but, it is as necessary to maintain it as it is to keep the inside of the home looking and working good. The outside can include many things, such as, the paint on the house, windows and doors as well as your driveway. Maintaining your driveway is easy if you look at it often and take care of small cracks in it as soon as they happen. If you don’t do this, over time, the entire driveway may need to be replaced. 

Replacing Your Entire Driveway 

If you find that there are many cracks and holes in your driveway, you should contact a contractor who can come out and look to see if it will need to be completely replaced. They will give you an estimate for the work and you should have several of them give you estimates before you choose one to work with. Finding a contractor for this can be done by looking for any residential asphalt resurfacing Tampa Fl company. Many of these contractors will give you an estimate at no cost. Have them look to see if it can be repaired first since this will be much lower in cost than replacing the entire driveway. The price they will quote you will be based on the size of the driveway and how much time it will take to get it done. If the entire surface needs to be done over, they will bring the equipment to your home and first remove the existing driveway. 

How The Work Is Completed 

Once they have removed the old driveway, they will need to come in with any filler that may be needed. In order for a new driveway to stand up to time, this step is essential since the driveway may begin to sink in after a short period of time. Once they have filled in any holes, they will tamp it down with a special machine. At this point, they are ready to lay down the new asphalt. The asphalt is laid down using a truck and workers follow behind with rakes to smooth it out. This work is done rather quickly since it does begin to dry fast. After they have laid and smoothed out the asphalt, it will need time to dry. After that, your new driveway is ready to use. 

There are certain things that you will need to remember when you are getting a new driveway installed. You will not be able to use it for your vehicles for quite some time. This could be anywhere from three days to over a week. Another thing to remember is that all driveways will need to be sealed within a year of having been placed. Your contractor will go over all of the details with you.


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