How To Care For Your Home’s Asphalt Driveway

How To Care For Your Home’s Asphalt Driveway

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Over time driveway break down and need to be patched, resurfaced, or replaced. This holds true for both cement and asphalt driveways. An asphalt driveway can last around 20 years before it needs to be completely replaced while a concrete driveway will typically last for 30 years. Issues will crop up over these years, though, which means the driveway should be either patched or resurfaced so that it looks its best. 
For asphalt driveways, they should be sealcoated occasionally which provides it with a protective layer. The Wikipedia page on sealcoat, found here, shows that applying this protective layer will protect the asphalt driveway from damage including from water, spilled oil, and damage from the sun. Applying a sealcoat will help the asphalt driveway last as long as possible. 

There are three different types of sealcoat that can be applied. They are based on petroleum, asphalt, and coal accordingly. Each one has its own advantages and the contractor you select to put down the sealcoat will know which one works best for your particular circumstances. Residential asphalt resurfacing Tampa FL, for instance, is an entirely different matter than having the asphalt driveway resurfaced in a much colder climate like Michigan. This means using a different type of sealcoat based on where the home is located. 

Before the contractor will apply the sealcoat to the driveway it needs to be totally clean and dry. The contractor will both sweep the asphalt driveway and use a blower to remove any debris. If this isn’t done before the driveway is resealed the sealcoat won’t apply very well. They will apply the sealcoat using pressurized spray equipment or sometimes with a squeegee machine. Either way it is done the new sealcoat will be applied twice. The new sealcoat needs one to two days to cure before cars can be driven onto it once again. 

There are a number of factors that need to be accounted for when deciding whether to have a paving contractor repair or replace your asphalt driveway. This guide on Angie’s List can help determine the right road to take. Driveways are damaged by the elements, such as freezing weather, as well as multi-thousand-pound vehicles driving on them. The damage will usually present itself as small cracks and divots that get larger over time. If the cracks are smaller than 1/4″ they can be quickly fixed with a liquid crack-filler. 

Larger cracks can be patched with a material built for this purpose. The problem, though, is that this type of repair is always going to be a temporary fix. Water will get in between the old and new material and the crack will crop back up. While having a paving contractor fix the problem is a solution it is only temporary as the asphalt driveway is at the end of its days. 

One thing that paving contractors can do nowadays is resurface the driveway rather than replacing the whole thing. This is much less expensive than tearing out and replacing the whole driveway. When the contractor does this resurfacing you can expect it to cost around $2.25 per square foot.


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