Keeping Water From Flowing On Your Home

Keeping Water From Flowing On Your Home

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Gutters are an addition to your home that you want to consider making. They usually aren’t a requirement on your home, but they can assist in directing water from settling on your roof and not flowing down the side of your home. The installation process is usually easy, but there are a few tips that you want to keep in mind to make the process go along as smooth as possible. 

Make a list of the materials that you know that you’ll need as well as the measurements for the area of your home where you want to install gutters. Although it’s a good idea, you don’t have to install gutters around your entire home. You could place them in areas where it seems like there is more water that flows down the side of your home or along the corners of your house. A gutter installation Fairfax VA company can come to your home to give you an estimate of the number of materials that you would need and how much the job would be if you were to hire a professional. If you plan ahead, then you’re going to end up with better results without going back and forth to the store for more supplies. 

Each gutter section should be joined while it’s at the ground instead of trying to connect them while you’re on the roof or standing on a ladder. This will give you the support that you need to ensure each component is properly connected. When you get on the ladder, you can adjust the system once you see how it’s positioned against your house. 

Make sure you have the best materials for the job. Any tools that are used for cutting should be sharp enough to cut through the material so that you don’t have to make repeated cuts. This can result in jagged edges that might not fit together as they should. When you’re cutting the downspout, try to cut it from the actual gutter instead of using a separate piece. This can help to prevent a piece coming off at some point and ensure that water flows through the system in a smooth manner instead of perhaps leaking from the system. Seal the areas of the gutter system that are connected. Let the sealant dry before adding any other materials on the surface. This will ensure that the sealant doesn’t come off of the system before it’s set in place. 

As you begin installing the downspouts on your gutter system, connect them with screws instead of rivets that are often used. This will provide a secure connection instead of one that could twist and turn because of the rivets. Ensure that your gutters are set against your home the right way instead of at an angle. There’s nothing wrong with the gutters having a slight pitch as this will make it easier for the water to flow through them. However, the guttersshould be level as they sit from the front to the back instead of tilting to prevent water from flowing over the sides.


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