A Look At The Many Advantages Of Vinyl Siding

A Look At The Many Advantages Of Vinyl Siding

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Having a residential siding contractor install vinyl siding on your home can be a fantastic choice. Vinyl siding is less expensive than wood or other choices and is built to last. It can withstand sunshine and rain, not blow off in winds up to 110 mph or more, is resistant to impact damage, and drains off moisture rather than allowing it into the home. If it is the insulated version of vinyl siding it can even improve the energy efficiency of a home. 

This guide compares vinyl siding to other options such as wood, stucco, brick, and fiber cement. Vinyl siding is superior when it comes to preventing water damage. As vinyl siding can’t be harmed by water, unlike wood, you will never need to use caulk to keep water out of your home. It’s also superior to fiber cement siding as that can actually absorb water which leads to it swelling, becoming deformed, or even rotting. 

Vinyl siding is much less expensive to have installed on your home by a siding contractor. Any vinyl siding des moines ia can cost $324 per square. Fiber cement costs $446 per square, wood siding $936, and brick siding will set you back $1889 a square. It is also much less expensive to maintain as you don’t have to paint it like you do wood or fiber cement siding and caulking isn’t needed either. All you need to do to maintain vinyl siding is use a garden hose and a mild soap. 

Vinyl siding has been used on ENERGY STAR Qualified Homes across the nation. These homes are built to minimize the cost of the energy powering the home. Using insulated vinyl siding on these home has been accepted by the construction industry’s building products and methodologies. It is also a very sustainable choice as vinyl siding can be recycled when it is at the end of its use. 

The Spruce did a Q&A about vinyl siding and the contractors who install it which can be found here. This article lets you know many facts such as that it can be installed right over the top of the older siding. While it used to come in just different shades of white the technology behind vinyl siding now allows for a vast array of colors. These are deep, rich colors that improve the curb appeal of your home and boost the home’s value. 

The color you choose for your vinyl siding will last for a long time, much longer than the color will stay on wood or fiber cement sided homes. Combined with its how easy it is to maintain and that it’s the least expensive option when it comes to siding a home there’s really no wonder why so many homeowners are choosing vinyl siding nowadays. Depending on the siding contractor you choose they might throw extras in when completing their work on your home. This can include exterior items such as gutters, downspout, siding insulation, and window caps among other freebies thrown in.

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