Your To-Do List Before Placing Your Home For Sale

Needless to say that selling your home is not as easy as just planting a “For Sale” sign on your lawn. We won’t sugarcoat it here, selling a home is no easy task, but if you want the best deal, only hard work will get you there. So, before you go on to your local big box store and father a huge for sale sign, please take into consideration this To-do list on selling your home the correct way. 

Find An Credible Real Estate Agent 

Often the temptation of not having to pay a real estate agent a large sum of the end payment goes through our heads, however, the commission made by an agent is rightfully earned because they have the knowledge to construct deals using industry secrets in order to get you the best amount on your home. Often those who sell real estate Longmont co often recommend the introduction of a real estate agent into your process. However, finding a credible real estate agent is also an add-on task that you must take seriously. this means contacting several agencies, asking the tough questions on commission, experience, and availability. Remember, a real estate agent who does not have time for you will no doubt be a bust. Therefore we highly advise you to take your time in finding your perfect agent. 

People Will Judge A Book By Its Cover 

Often the first thing potential buyers will do is take a quick tour of your block via their vehicle if your curb appeal is not up to par most will take this as a sign that the interior is no better and will quickly move on to their next option. This doesn’t have to be a huge home renovation, however, a few add ons such as fresh flowers, a new paint job on your door can do wonders for your curb appeal. 

Showroom Ready 

Great! You’ve got a good amount of interested buyers, not comes the time to get your home ready to be shown by your agent. Our first recommendation is to attempt to declutter as much as you can, specifically from your living room area as this is said to be one of the selling points for potential buyers. Buyers want to envision living there with all their present furniture, but if they can’t picture it fitting then you’ve just lost a potential sale. 

A Blank Canvass 

As stated before, potential buyers like to envision themselves living in your home, this, however, does not come easily if all your personal photos are plastered everywhere and the walls are that bright pink shade that you like. Before introducing any potential buyers we high advice you to re-paint your walls to a more neutral color in order to have a broad appeal which also allows buyers to have that feeling of a blank canvass that they can work on to make it their own. 

The Smell Test 

Often overlooked but is the first thing a buyer notices will be the smell of a home when they come in. Although you might be immune to the smells of your pet dog or cat does not mean buyers will be too. Get an unbiased person to smell your home and take the appropriate measures afterward to remove as much of it before the big day.


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