To Sale Or Not To Sale By Owner

When it comes to real estate, we all pretty much have some sort of idea about how the process goes. For instance, we know that aside from viewing several properties, there will be some fees involved such as closing costs and, in most cases, a down payment. However, when it comes to selling a home, especially your home, well, that may be an entirely different story. 

Selling a home is a bit different from buying a home. And selling a home for cash is a different experience from selling traditionally. Whether buying or selling, in most cases, there are a few people involved in the deal. You have your clients, the buyers and the sellers, and then there is the real estate agent, the bank and most likely a lawyer. When buying or selling a house the traditional way, there is always quite a bit of a waiting process as the buyer typically has to wait on their home loan to be approved. In this case, as for the buyer, they can end up losing the house to someone who either gets approved faster or is buying the house cash. 

For the seller, a cash deal can be ideal since the process will move much faster. This quick process is especially helpful if the buyer has some debt or is relocating and needs the cash quickly. While traditional home sales can take weeks, a cash sale can close in more than half that amount of time. While most home sales are usually brokered by an agent, nowadays, many people are selling their homes on their own. If you have searched home listings, you have probably ran across a few that had FSBO or for sale by owner. Surprisingly enough, when I first started flipping houses, I ran across a lot of these type of sales while searching what to do whenSelling My Home For Cash Washington dc. I have been wanting to sell my rental property for a few months now and finally decided to take the plunge. Since it is merely an investment property, I decided to try and sell it on my own and avoid a lot of extra expenses. Apparently, I am not the only looking one. I was surprised to find so much information on how to sell on your own and lots of pros and some cons. 

Being that every situation is different and everyone’s reasons vary, so I guess I would just recommend you do whatever you feel comfortable with. I actually found the process to be a bit easier without having to deal with an agent but to each his own. If I were actually selling my home rather than an investment property, then maybe my take on it would be different. Who knows. However, in my line of work, aside from owning rental properties, I actually enjoy flipping houses. I will purchase a foreclosed home, renovate the property and then sell it for cash as-is. That’s what I do and what I’m comfortable with. However, if you are a novice and think you need professional assistance, go for it! Either way, I wish you a good sale, and most of all, good luck!


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