Selling Your Home for Cash

Selling your home has always been a time consuming task for any homeowner, but selling it for cash can be more of a challenge. If you live in Washington D.C, selling your home can be even more cumbersome especially with the homebuying industry slow down over the recent years. There are some great tips to utilize and consider when selling your most valuable asset that will be very useful. In addition, some myths and beliefs regarding selling your home may even be dispelled. 

Things to Consider Before Selling Your Home

One of the biggest challenges is deciding on which route to take, using a realtor versus doing it yourself. If you decide to use a realtor, remember that there may be costly fees and commissions attached. Using a realtor will encompass a loss of five or six percent of your money towards commission. In addition, realtors will ask for you to fix up your home to generate a better return on the sale; and honestly most homeowners do not have the time or the money to do so. Lastly, just because you put in that additional money to fix up your home, it will not guarantee that your home will sell quicker or at the price point you want.

Okay, so you think that a realtor may not be the route to go, and you think you can do it yourself. Well, for starters do you know what it takes to sell your home? More than likely no, you don’t know what it takes to sell your home. If you decide to consider FSBO (for sell by owner) option, think of yourself as the realtor and what it takes to make a sell. The things you must consider will include all of the paper work involved, add in the cost of fixing up your home, marketing your property for sell, and lastly time to actually show off the property. So, when you think about it a realtor does a lot. Selling your home is time consuming no matter which option you choose. 

A Few Tips from My Experience

Well for those of you that decide to go the route of FSBO, here are some tips that I have for you since I was successful when I tried to sell my home for cash Washington DC. For starters clean and clear out any clutter in your home. This is a very important step to selling your home. Make sure to clear out any clutter, perspective homebuyers want to see if there is enough space in your home for their things. Plus cleaning and clearing your home will aid in your homes evaluation of value. 

Another wise tip is to get your home inspected and appraised. By getting your home inspected will alleviate problems down the line for your or your potential buyer. Make sure that all electrical, foundation, and plumbing issues are inspected and receive a great rating. Inspections aid in getting your home appraised at a better rate. Also, make sure you get a notable appraiser, you can do this by getting a list from your local bank or tax office.



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