Four Things to Ask About When Hiring Movers

If you’re moving and using a professional service to help, you must know how to find the right moving company. Moving companies Denver are numerous, but they are not always created equal. These are the men and women moving your precious belongings, and you want to find the company who employs only the best. Here are a few ways you can ensure you’re choosing the best company to handle your move. 

Ask About Moving Inventory 

If you are discussing your move with a moving company and they don’t mention moving inventory, ask them when they provide this service. A reputable moving company always takes a moving inventory. They want to make sure they know what you have, how much you have, and what they’re moving. They also do this to help inventory and weigh your move for a proper estimate. If they don’t do this, you might move on to a new company. 

Do Not Pay A Deposit 

A reputable mover will not require an expensive deposit prior to your move. You will sign a contract, they show up on moving day, they move you, and then you pay their fee. You don’t pay for a service you’ve yet to utilize. Furthermore, never work with a mover who prefers to take cash from you. You want to work with someone who accepts credit cards or a check. You must have a paper trail to document your business with a mover. 

Check with the BBB 

The Better Business Bureau keeps tabs on all businesses in Denver, and you should check to see what they have to say about the mover you’re hiring. If they have a low grade, complaints, and a lot of negative responses, you are better off moving on. If you cannot find the name of the mover, it might be because they do business under several names to avoid this problem. If the company is not there with a good grade and rating, move on to a new company. 

Ask for References 

Did someone recommend a moving company to you? If so, try that company first. Recommendations and referrals are helpful when finding a great mover. If you cannot find anyone who has moved recently to recommend someone to you, ask the company for referrals. A good mover should have a list of people you can contact to discuss their experience with you. Listen to what they have to say, ask the right questions, and weigh your options following that discussion. 

Movers can make your move easier. They’re good at what they do, and they take a great deal of the stress off you when you’re dealing with so much. However, you cannot hire just any company to handle your personal belongings. They’re important to you, and you want them to arrive at your new home in one piece. You also want them to arrive on time and in good condition. Hire the right mover to make sure you get the best service.


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