Astoria, Oregon – a Great Little City

What more beautiful environment than Astoria, Oregon! This jewel nestled by the rushing waters of the Columbia River as they pour into the Pacific Ocean is s one-of-kind city. To visit here is to want to live here. The City’s historic downtown retains that halcyon feeling of yesteryear. The people are friendly and welcoming. Little wonder that Hollywood comes here to film such hits as The Goonies, and Kindergarten Cop (with a surprise visit by Mr. Schwarzenegger who gave a commencement speech at the local high school 

Another other charming film using locations around town was Short Circuit. 
But enough hype about the friendly welcome everyone receives in this gem – not far; just far enough – from bustling Portland. The Astoria-Megler Bridge is not only a phenomenal sight to behold, but you just drive right over into Washington. The rebuilt Fort Clatsop recalls the days of our pioneers who suffered so much in order that we might have this wonderful locale for our homes today. Nothing to do in this city of about 10,000 friendly inhabitants? Think again. There’s the Sunday Market downtown and don’t forget to bring your dog too. Of course, the Northwest takes its beer seriously and our town is no exception. The Fort George Brewery is just one of the many taprooms and talk about hiking and horseback riding. You won’t believe the beauty until you see it in person. 

Another thing you won’t believe is how much farther your dollar will go when compared with most cities this vibrant. There’s something for everyone. For around $500,000 you can live like a prince in something really magnificent at over 3,000 sq ft with for spacious bedrooms three full baths and a double garage. You can expect a home like this to feature plenty of upgrades too including details such as custom cabinets, top of the line stainless appliances and everything else you might want including a spacious deck for relaxing in the evening. All that one generous quarter acre lot to give you breathing room and a place for Rover to rove. 

Real estate is wide open with bargains at every turn, but as more and more people discover Astoria, you can be sure this won’t last. You can spend a lot more and you can spend less. A lot less. For under a hundred thousand dollars you can enjoy a 3-bedroom, 2 bath, ready-to-move-in home with a double garage for your vehicles. Now’s the time check out astoria or real estate. Your local real estate brokers are waiting to help you. You’re not going to regret it! 

If you’re a DIY’er, there are plenty of fixers available at great savings. All you need is a hammer and some sweat to bring one of these homes back to its original beauty. 
If you’re seriously considering the bold move to our fair city you should be aware that while prices are still low compared to larger areas, they’ve been going up at the rate of some 6% this past year, and they’re not going to go back down as more and more people discover this gem. California residents especially can expect to sell their present residences and move here and have plenty of cash in the bank for all those extras she’s going to want. 

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