Hot Backyard Designs to Implement This Summer

Hot Backyard Designs to Implement This Summer

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Summer is just around the corner and everyone loves to spend time outdoors this time of year. This means it is time to update the backyard to make it feel warm and welcoming. It is time to create a space that the whole family will enjoy in the evenings. Ok but outdoor design is not really your thing and that landscaping project can make you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry! Any deck contractor Colorado Springs Co experts can give you a few pointers. These ideas are easy to implement and will impress your friends and family. 

What’s Hot for This Year

It’s time to stop thinking of the modern concrete look as a cure all for everything. Instead, think about bringing in that cool retro style. Combine the modern with the natural colors and materials of the outdoors. Combine wood, stone and metal for a modern and trendy outdoor style. 

Think of It as Decorating The Outdoor Areas

Today, your outdoor areas can make great extended living areas. You just need to create that seamless transition from indoors to outdoor area. You can do this by using outdoor furniture, rugs and throw pillows. This will help make the outdoor area more inviting and fun. Use Fun Printed Outdoor Pillows. Make the backyard more inviting by adding fun printed or highly colored pillows to your outdoor furniture. These outdoor pillows are easy to keep clean and withstand the elements very well. Just be sure to get pillows made with outdoor resistant fabrics.

Keep Your Color Palette Cool 

Cooler colors are in this season, so choose soft blues, ivories, and bisque colors. Be sure to add a few bamboo elements or sustainable accesories to make this cool color scheme stand out. You can accent these colors with bamboo candle shades, jute tables and even bamboo floor coverings. 

Retro Is Back

Forget that ornate outdoor furniture of a few years ago. Now the big trend is RETRO. If you can’t find real retro furnishings, don’t worry! Lot’s of manufacturers are bringing the retro look back in their new furniture designs. Think of using wicker and crochet items. Even rattan is nice. It is that 70s look you want to be inspired by. 

Unexpected Metal Accents

Think modern and sleek. Add a metal sculptural end table or even a decorative table top. You might even think about using a cool shiny metal light fixture that hangs over an outdoor living room set. Mosaic is back in style and works well as an outdoor dining table or on accent tables that surround an outdoor living area. Brightly colored ceramic and glass potted plants are also all the rage. 

Install Meandering Walkways and Patios

Another new trend is to add natural stone paths and round patios to outdoor areas. This makes for a secluded area where intimate conversations can take place. Natural stone styles are actually inexpensive concrete walkways but with a pebble stone style. There are a huge number of ways you can make your outdoor areas seem more inviting. It is just a matter of adding a few touches here and there and decorating the areas for beautiful evenings out of doors.


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