Common Sense Plumbing Tricks for Homeowners

Common Sense Plumbing Tricks for Homeowners

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Plumbing problems are a part of homeownership, whether it is a faucet leak, a broken pipe or clogged toilet. This is a certainty living in a home that at some point there will be plumbing problems. Even remodeling of a kitchen or bathroom involves plumbing and if a water heater goes, it will involve plumbing. Sometimes, someone plan the plumbing project while in other instances the problems are an emergency issue. 

What to Know about Plumbing

While house plumbing may seem easy to fix, unless the homeowner is experienced in plumbing it is better left to any plumbing services las vegas nv professionals. The main reason for this is pipes come in different materials with some that can put together easily and others that may need to be soldered, some that can mix with other types and some that cannot. Types of plumbing pipes include copper and galvanized steel that are both metal material. The rest are plastic types of pipes including polyvinyl chloride pipes known as PVC pipes, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipes known as CPVC and cross-linked polyethylene known as Plex pipes.

In older homes that have not had the pipes changed will be a metal plumbing and might include lead pipes that were code approved until the mid 1980s when it was determined they could be toxic. Purchasing an older home with lead, these pipes are no longer up to code, and would need to be changed. This would be a major plumbing project and one that a professional could do and dispose of the dangerous lead pipes properly. Plumbing also includes valves, elbows, tanks, and other parts that complete the system to bring water to a sink, bathtub, shower and toilet. 

Common Household Plumbing Problems

Some common plumbing problems can happen in a house with age or usage. The most common is the dripping faucet. Sometimes, the spigot handles need new washers because of wear, but in other situations the faucet may need changed. Particularly if it is, an older faucet and parts are not available. Toilets can run because the inter-working part needs replaced from age or built-up mineral deposits. Pipes can spring leaks because of the age of the pipe and rusting or because of fluctuating temperatures. In climates that have cold weather pipes near outside walls can freeze causing the pipe to split and as the pipe thaws the split will leak or even spraying water out. Another common problem that involves plumbing that can need replacement is electric or gas water heaters since overtime the water heater can either stop working correctly or rust out and require replacement. Even the most common household plumbing problem can turn into a much larger problem without knowledge about plumbing and in some cases even an older faucet can have rusted bolts that need to be cut or a torch used to loosen them. Plumbing is a skilled talent in some situations that the novice may not be prepared to handle.

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