Types of Earth Moving Equipment You Can Hire Out For and When to Use Them

When it comes to earthmoving equipment there are a few options available for you. As a city with nearly 2 million residents, there is always someone willing to do business with you and hire out the heavy equipment you need. For earthmoving equipment hire Perth will have many different machines to choose from. Of course, the important thing is to understand what type of heavy equipment you might need for each and when you should use each example. Consider the following types of heavy equipment: 


Excavators are self-propelled machines that can consist of either wheels or tracks. These machines normally will have upper body equipment that can move the full 360 degrees easily. They usually consist of a number of components, including such things as a boom, cab and stick. They also have an arm set along with a bucket and a number of other pertinent attachments. Naturally, the excavator is most used to excavate. However, it can also be used for a number of other important tasks, including loading. It also can do well with lifting materials as long as it has a sling attached to it. They are also good for backfilling without any equipment at all. They can also do hole drilling with a good auger attachment and they can do trench digging and stockpiling with ease. It can also break rocks and do demolition and landscaping tasks. 

Wheel Loaders 

A wheel loader is also a self-propelled device that has a front and mounted bucket that is connected to two arms or booms. The wheel loader can also usually function with the bucket removed as well. Normally, the loader is designed to simply load heavy items on to other vehicles. However, a wheel loader can also be utilized as a device to strip or spread topsoil, mix materials, drill holes, for lifting different items, cutting and boxing and also site cleanup activities. 


A dozer is also a useful item to have and usually consists of wheels or tracks along with a large blade up front. The dozer is usually great for breaking up stubborn material and terrain. Moreover, the dozer is often used for drain cutting, leveling terrain and different battering activities. The blade of the dozer can be lifted up and down and also moved at different angles. However, it takes a lot of skill to operate a dozer. When an individual is levelling the ground, they have to be careful because any wrong can simply cause the dozer to dig deeper into the ground instead of moving dirt to any necessary spots. 

Skid Steer Loader 

Widely considered to be one of the most versatile of earth moving equipment, the skid steer loader is known for being much smaller in size that its other earth-moving cousins. The skid loader can also be useful for loading, excavating and compacting, just like some of the larger machines. Many individuals enjoy using it for cleaning up various worksites and for spreading around topsoil. Although all of these machines have their advantages, the skid loader is an all-around winner in the eyes of many.


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