Heavy Construction Equipment And Their Uses

Throughout the course of history, the one thing that has literally and figuratively shaped societies globally are tools. As the population grew, so did the demand for mobility of these tools to different locations to building purposes. Human labor has its limitation, as a result, construction equipment were designed to carry out the heavy lifting which expansion so demands. 

Construction equipment range from heavy duty to the lightweight variety. A few of them along with a detailed description of their uses are provided below. First up is a backhoe loader which is a tractor with a front shovel or bucket combined with a small backhoe in the rear. This equipment is used in fixing city roads and in small construction sites. 

The next piece of equipment is the well-known bulldozer. It’s a powerful tractor with a large metal blade attached in the front. The primary purpose of the dozer is to push a large amount of dirt. When it comes to laying asphalt for parking lots, roads, bridges or another flat surface than an asphalt paver would be the piece of equipment for the job. It’s usually accompanied by a dump truck and a roller. 

compact excavator is a track or wheel vehicle with a swing boom or backfill blade. It is also known as a mini excavator. The functions and movements of the machine are powered by the transferring of hydraulic fluid. It is these key feature that makes a compact hydraulic excavator different from other construction equipment. A motorized cultivator with a spinning blade to work the soil, also called a rotary tiller. They either self-propelled or pulled by a tractor. 

The blade of a motor grader is located between the rear and front axles. It’s most common function is to flatten the ground in preparation of compiling more layers for a new roadway. A dragline excavator is a heavy equipment vehicle mostly used in civil engineering and surface mining. The smaller type of dragline excavator is used for port and road construction while the larger type is used in strip mining operations for coal extraction. 

If the job calls for lifting material the telehandlers are good for the tasks. They have a telescopic boom which enables forward and upward reach. With interchangeable attachments such as lifting jibs, pallet forks, and buckets, it is easy to get a transformer repair service if needed. A feller buncher works like a weed wacker for trees. It gathers or brunches the trees as it works without leaving pieces of the trees everywhere. These pieces of construction equipment can take over the task of multiple tree cutters. 

Skidders are used in the clearing a land of woods. They can pull cut down trees out of the woods and move them to a designated area. There are two types, a grapple skidder, which resembles a claw and cable skidders known as the classic models. Closing out the list is a backhoe loader. They are a conjunction of backhoe, loader, and tractor making them very versatile heavy construction equipment. It’s a heavy load lifter and hard material digger. The before mentioned equipment is just a listing of the ones most commonly seen on a regular basis.


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