The Custom Ids:

The Custom Ids:

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You will be happy to hear that we can help you create Gmail accounts with a custom domain name. Sending emails from these accounts can help you to build an impression among the audience. No matter how big team you have in your office, it is always important to ensure that email Ids for your employees belong to your company. And for this, you need verified Gmail accounts that are associate to the domain of your company. Whether you buy old Gmail accounts or 1000; we can help you have custom Gmail account address that belongs to your organization.

Build an impression:

When your employees are using their personal email addresses to communicate with the clients, it can pose a threat to your business. Moreover, if that person leaves the business, the interaction between your business and the particulate client may also get affected. But when you provide company associated email address to all your employees, it becomes easier to reclaim and reuse those email addresses.

Safe from malware attacks:

We can help you buy professional and verified Gmail accounts that can save you from phishing attacks as well. In case if you are a premium user on the Gmail platform, it is also possible to enjoy a higher level of security to stay safe from malware attacks. Verified accounts make it easier to run two-step authentication for the Gmail accounts. It means you can follow a secure process to build a healthy connection with your audience. Moreover, the efficient cybersecurity tools available with verified email accounts can protect the valuable data of your company. After all, you can personal and unrestricted access to all the email accounts associated with your business.

Large stream of accounts:

Using verified email accounts, it is further possible to create multiple email aliases. The premium Google accounts make it easier to set up a large stream of Gmail accounts for your team members and employees as well. You can assign specific email ID to a specific employee while keeping the prime control within the management.

Storage capacity:

One more benefit of having verified and trusted Gmail account is that they can enhance your file storage capacity. At one side where basic Gmail account may help you get only 30GB of storage space, the premium packages offer much higher space for your data management. Most of the big organizations prefer to buy professional, and premium Gmail accounts to take their business to a whole new level.

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