Picking The Right Pool Pump For Your Pool

Does the prospect of having your very own swimming pool sound good to you? What could beat heading out to the backyard and firing up the best pool pumps Gold Coast companies can offer? Pools are dynamic property additions that can increase the value of your home while offering you the chance to get some rest and relaxation in. Pools are also amazing ways to stay physically active due to the fact that swimming is one of the best exercises out there. Unfortunately, in order to live up to your dream of having an amazing pool, you’ll need to buy yourself a pool pump first. 

Pool Pump Buying Guide 

In order to have an effective pool, you are going to need to make sure that you pick the right pump for the job. Pool pumps can make your head swim, no pun intended, and that means you’ll need some help going through the buying process. Today, we are going to highlight a few simple ways that you can weed out the wrong pumps for the job while keying in on the right pump for your specific pool. Let’s dig right into the discussion so that you can get out and enjoy your pool! 

1) Analyze Your Pool Size – In order to get the right pump for your pool, you are going to need to know how big your pool is. Pumps work based on a specific turnover time. A turnover time is, basically, how long it takes for your pump to cycle all of the water in your pool. Ideally, your pool pump can completely turn over your water within an eight to ten hour time period. So, how do you use this information in order to get the right pump? You look at the ‘gallons per minute’ rating on your potential pumps. For example, a 75 GPM pump could turn over a 35,000-gallon pool in eight hours. 

2) Understand The Different Options – Let’s imagine that you are walking down the aisle of the local pool supply store. You see an entire wall of pumps in front of you. What you’ll notice more than anything is that there are two different types to choose from: single speed pumps and dual speed pumps. Let’s break down their primary differences below. 

Single Speed Pumps – This is the most popular type of pool pump on the market. The motor will spin the impeller within your pump house at one speed and one speed only. These pumps use a lot of power because they are constantly pushing at that single rate. These pumps are cost prohibitive due to their electric use, so just keep that in mind. 

Dual Speed Pumps – A dual speed pump is fancier and more expensive but much more flexible. Dual speed pumps run at two different speeds: a low and high speed. These pumps are much more flexible and usable thanks to their energy efficiency. If you’re willing to spend extra, opt for a dual speed pump.


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