How You Can Make Your Home Even More Attractive With A New Deck

Is a deck something you want to add to your home? There are many kinds of decks you can have built onto a home that not only give you more space for outdoor activities such as grilling and dining outside, but also increase your property value. Adding a deck to your home is certainly a rewarding accomplishment, but getting it built is easier said than done. It’s recommended if you don’t have too much home construction or architectural experience to hire a contractor to do it because depending on where you want to put the deck, there can be real challenges with installing all the structural posts and laying in planks. When working with a contractor, you may be able to use software for a custom designed deck to see the finished product. 

Planning The Height Of The Deck 

Probably the easiest deck to plan for and have installed is a ground-level deck where you may only need one step or no steps to go up onto. Most of the work that needs to be done to build this kind of deck is horizontal as opposed to major vertical designs. As HGTV points out, a raised deck is going to need a lot more structural support and will usually be more expensive due to key details you and the contractor will need to go over. Key things the contractor will want to know is how much square feet will you really need for the deck, and how much weight or the kind of activities you want to use it for. 

Determining The Materials For Your Deck 

Another important consideration for your deck is whether you want your wood to be all natural wood or composite wood. As this article details, there’s different quality in both kinds of wood, but the choice might be determined either by your budget or even your home’s location. If you’re end goal is to have the most durable wood that will last many years without needing too much maintenance, then composite wood is probably what you’ll want to go with. But if you’re more concerned about how authentic or country style your deck looks, then natural wood will look better. With natural wood you will need to have it retreated and stained again from time to time to make sure it doesn’t warp or crack. With composite wood, you mostly just need to clean it so it doesn’t attract mold, but be very careful about using a pressure washer to do this. 

The bottom line is a deck is a major investment to make for your home, and making sure it lasts for many years down the road means it will need a lot of care. This also means if you aren’t sure of who to hire for the job, you should check around with friends or neighbors who have had decks designed for their homes on who they would recommend. You might inquire of multiple contractors depending on what kind of estimates you get, but don’t just settle for the cheapest one; pick the most knowledgeable and experienced one.

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