Four DIY Landscaping Projects to Reduce Water Consumption and Keep Natural Scenery

In dry weather, keeping your landscaping healthy and green can be a challenge, which is why you want to make sure that you use a little water as possible. Some of the improvements can make for fun, family-friendly DIY projects. Here are some DIY landscaping projects that you may want to consider reducing water consumption and keep natural scenery in your landscaping design: 

Ground Covering to Replace Grass Lawns and Plants That Consume Too Much Water 

The coverings of soils can range from flowerbeds to live grass turf. These materials require a lot of water for plants, vines and shrubs that you use in the landscaping. To reduce the water consumption, use ground coverings that require less water or no water at all. These materials can include things like gravel, pavements and porous pavement materials made from recycled rubber and plastic materials. 

Integrating Water Collection, Storage and Filtration into Your Landscaping Design 

While there are a lot of improvements that you may be doing to reduce water consumption, it is likely that you are going to need some irrigation for your home. Rain collection systems are a great way to add a resource to your landscaping design. The rain collection can come from watershed of the terrain, as well as the roof of your home. To store the water, you will want to create water basins and dry stream beds that can blend in with the natural surroundings. 

Native Plants and Artificial Turf to Make Natural Landscaping a Waterless Design 

Another improvement that you will want to consider for your landscaping design is simply using native plants. The good thing about plants that are native to your region, is that they are going to be resistant damage from problems like dry season weather. Native plant life will be the most adapted to the needs of your landscaping design, and sometimes you can get landscape supplies penrith that are already available in your natural environment. Before you begin your DIY landscaping projects, take an inventory of native plant life that is already and your landscaping. To avoid removing something you want to leave, mark native plants with ribbons to identify them and know what is going to stay and what gets removed. 

Using Natural Rock Materials and Elevations to Incorporate into Your Landscaping Design 

Natural rock materials are another improvement that you will want to consider for a landscaping design that uses less water. Again, these are materials that may already be on your property and can sometimes be found when doing work like excavation to prepare for DIY landscaping improvements. If you do not have rock materials, contact a Penrith landscaping supply service to get materials that match the natural surroundings of your property. 

These are some DIY landscaping projects that you will want to consider reducing water consumption and highlight natural scenery. If you are ready to begin these projects for your landscaping, contact a landscape materials service to get all the supplies you need. With the right materials and ideas, you will be able to completely transform your landscape.


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