Factors to Consider when Buying a Used Construction Crane

Buying used construction cranes and other industrial equipment is becoming a norm. Most of this has been caused by the fact that new construction cranes are very expensive to purchase while other organizations have a strategic policy of buying used construction equipment. However, the drama is always likely to happen when companies buy used items as some fail to perform the normal activities while others break after a short period. To avoid challenges, there are some few strategies that construction companies should implement every time they consider buying used industrial equipment. 

The upfront amount that the company is required to pay so that it can get the used crane is an important consideration. It is worth noting that organizations buy used cranes because they don’t have sufficient funds to purchase new ones. This means that the amount one is willing to pay must be significantly lower as compared to the amount one should pay for a piece of new equipment. This will ensure that the company does not lose a considerable amount of money if the machine fails to deliver to the expectations. 

The general physical conditions of the crane should also be brought to the attention of the buyers. This involves checking whether the oil and grease are spilling from the moving parts of the crane. It is also necessary to consider checking whether the brakes are operating efficiently while at the same time testing whether the equipment is running. It is also advisable to ensure that the equipment is well fitted with a fire extinguisher in case of a fire break out. Purchasing a fire extinguisher Tacoma WA is quite easy and hence no one should have an excuse of not equipping their cranes with one. Evaluating the physical aspects of the equipment before buying it helps in eliminating all the doubts about the suitability of the crane. 

Safety is an essential aspect in the construction sector. This means that the crane should be able to demonstrate that it is not a threat to the workers operating it and other people working in the construction site. This can only be demonstrated by ensuring that all the brakes are operational and that the equipment responds to the instructions provided by the operator. It is also necessary to check the loose metals and cranes, which are risk hazards to construction workers. All the loose nuts and bolts should be tightened before the crane is put to task. 

Repair and maintenance history of the construction crane should also be presented. These records highlight the rate at which the equipment gets damaged and the amount of money used to repair. The documents will also help in determining the most diagnosed problem that the crane exhibits so that it can be solved once and for all. Construction companies should avoid construction cranes that demand regular repair and maintenance as they could prove to be expensive for a company to handle. 

Lastly, the period at which the equipment has been operational is a crucial factor that should be considered. The age of the construction crane may not be critical if the equipment has been receiving the necessary care and maintenance; the problem is that most of the cranes are neglected as they age. Therefore, companies should avoid buying very old construction cranes, especially if there is no justification that they have been subjected to the necessary repair and maintenance.


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