Could Crawl Space Encapsulation Be A Good Choice For Your Family?

Your crawl space affects your home greatly even though the chances are that you don’t really use it that often. You may not see the value of investing money into a crawl space encapsulation issaquah wa, but there are many benefits for both your home itself and your family as well. Crawl spaces are there so structures can be built on uneven ground without having to build a basement or spend the money to grade the land in the area. It also keeps things like plumbing and wiring outside of sight and sometimes provides storage. By encapsulating your crawl space, you will find that it can have a lot more uses that you didn’t even consider before. 

Prevents Bugs 

All of that open space under your home is just inviting bugs and other pests to settle themselves in and cause problems. The materials that are used to build crawl spaces are often favorites for many pests when it comes to food sources and housing material and it’s a good idea to cut off their access. Not only are these pests inconvenient and unsettling, but they can also cause structural problems for your home and health issues for your family. Encapsulating this space can prevent bugs like carpenter ants, roaches, and even termites from making a home on your property. 

It Cuts Down On The Moisture In Your Home 

If the crawl space under your home is humid, that moisture can spread to the rest of your home. High levels of humidity in a home can cause a lot of problems like warped building material like floors. High humidity also increases the chances of your home for mold and the encourages levels of dust mites. Decreasing the humidity in your home can make it a much more comfortable environment for your family which is important because of all of the time that is spent indoors. 

In order for air conditioners to work, they have to remove the moisture that is in the air in order to cool it. When the humidity levels in your home are high, your air conditioner has to work a lot harder to keep it cool. This will not only lead to your HVAC system to wear out quicker than it needs to which can cause hefty repair or replacement bill, but it also uses more energy than it should be using. This can add make your utility bills higher than they have to be. 

Can Decrease Allergens 

Out of all of the allergies that children have, an allergy to dust mites is the most common. They love dark humid environments and a crawl space that is not properly encapsulated provides the perfect breeding ground for them. Some people have millions of dust mites in their mattresses, pillows, and blankets which can cause issues like stuffy noses and headaches. Dust mites love to hang out in beds because they actually feed on shed human skin and your bed has a lot of it on it.

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