Art of Mining Improved since 1600’s

The art of Mining for minerals or removal of rock has been honed over last century. It started out as a new way to cut rock formations and has since kept adapting and is now widely used in mineral excavation and tunnel construction. The art of Drilling and Blasting refers to the use of explosives to carve away portions of rock. Drilling and Blasting is used in a variety of ways, it is commonly used in mining, civil engineering, Quarrying, Dam building, and road construction. There are a variety of different explosives used during this process, Low grade explosives are used to cut away fragile rock, High grade explosives are used to cut much denser, harder to break rock. Drilling and Blasting is no safe feat to accomplish, there are a wide variety of potential risk factors to consider and sometimes accident occur. The method of Drilling and Blasting has improved over time, it was much more dangerous when it was first discovered. A drilling and blasting salt lake city ut company offers several benefits which will be discussed towards the end of this article. 


The use of explosives during mining was first conceived in the year 1627, when gunpowder first started becoming a method used. It was to take the place of more common mechanical tools in a Hungarian town called Banska Stiavnica, now a Slovakian town. The common form of blasting consisted of a deep hole being drilling into a mine or mountain side and explosives placed at the end with a trail of gunpowder leading from the explosives to a safe distance away. A slow burning match was then struck and placed on the trail of gunpowder, igniting it and sending it straight to the explosives in the tunnel. This method posed several risk factors that could often result in personal injury or death, Methods have adapted and overcame to meet safety regulations. Some improvements over the years included a metal wire being placed on the ground and led to the explosives; to a fuse that had to be lit. These methods did not last long because again the safety of it was speculation at best. This led to the more commonly known method of blasting, placing a wire from the explosives to a detonating device that electronically sets the charge off without anyone being in danger of being caught in the explosion or crushed by fragments of rock caving in. 


The use of a wire and detonator to set off explosive charges led to a major game changer. In the mid 1800’s, William Cubitt, a British Civil Engineer developed yet another use for the method. He used 18,000 pounds of explosives to remove a 400 ft high chalk cliff, displacing nearly 400,000 cubic yards of chalk. Using this new method saved the company responsible almost 6 months of manual labor. The method spread quickly through Europe and the America’s, and has since been adapted to global use. Mining has offered a variety of benefits, It is used to excavate minerals like salt from the earth. This salt is used to cover roadways to protect against ice. Mining also uncovers Potassium reserves which are commercially used in fertilizers. Utah offers a great landscape for it, with it’s huge mountains and remote accessibility, travelers are always looking for new roadways and tunnels. 

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