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Clean wheel or rim is not an easy work. It takes time because there is more dirt at the certain area which is very hard to reach. The common problem is the brake dust and road grime.

This is the steps to clean your wheel effectively.

  1. Spray the wheel with the hose. It will soft and wet your wheel. Get a special alloy wheels spray. It can remove the brake dust and brush it with special brushes carefully.
  2. Rinse the wheel with lots of clean water carefully. Don’t miss especially a hidden area.
  3. Use an absorbent synthetic chamois to remove excess moisture.
  4. You can use a special seal spray to put a layer of protectant on the wheel which discourages the build up of brake dust and buff the surface with polishing cloth.

Tips in cleaning your wheel

  1. Never attempt to wash wheels when they are still hot from driving. It could crack the discs if you suddenly hosing them down with cold water.
  2. To ensure your wheel is really clean, remove the wheels from the car because it is very difficult to clean and protect the rear of the rim when working with the wheel still on the car.
  3. Washing in the light area. Don’t wash in dark place. You can see the dirt.

Watch this video

Okay, that’s all. Hope it will help you. Let’s wash our wheel now..

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